Welcome to Attic

Attic is a deduplicating backup program written in Python. The main goal of Attic is to provide an efficient and secure way to backup data. The data deduplication technique used makes Attic suitable for daily backups since only the changes are stored.

Easy to use

Initialize a new backup repository and create your first backup archive in two lines:

$ attic init /somewhere/my-repository.attic
$ attic create /somewhere/my-repository.attic::Monday ~/Documents
$ attic create --stats /somewhere/my-repository.attic::Tuesday ~/Documents
Archive name: Tuesday
Archive fingerprint: 387a5e3f9b0e792e91ce87134b0f4bfe17677d9248cb5337f3fbf3a8e157942a
Start time: Tue Mar 25 12:00:10 2014
End time:   Tue Mar 25 12:00:10 2014
Duration: 0.08 seconds
Number of files: 358
                       Original size      Compressed size    Deduplicated size
This archive:               57.16 MB             46.78 MB            151.67 kB
All archives:              114.02 MB             93.46 MB             44.81 MB

See the Quick Start chapter for a more detailed example.

Easy installation

You can use pip to install Attic quickly and easily:

$ pip3 install attic

Attic is also part of the Debian, Ubuntu, Arch Linux and Slackware distributions of GNU/Linux.

Need more help with installing? See Installation.

Getting help

If you’ve found a bug or have a concrete feature request, you can add your bug report or feature request directly to the project’s issue tracker. For more general questions or discussions, a post to the mailing list is preferred.

Mailing list

There is a mailing list for Attic on librelist that you can use for feature requests and general discussions about Attic. A mailing list archive is available here.

To subscribe to the list, send an email to attic@librelist.com and reply to the confirmation mail. Likewise, to unsubscribe, send an email to attic-unsubscribe@librelist.com and reply to the confirmation mail.